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At present, almost everyone creates a web site, but it does not mean that it is easy to do. Regardless if you are an expert web creator or an amateur web creator, create content for your site represents a lot of work. But there are some tools that you as a web creator can use to make the process easier.

One of these tools is the CMS; possibly you are asking yourself what CMS means? It is understandable, this environment is full of acronyms. The CMS means a content management system; this is software designs so that the users create, modify, eliminate, and manage the content of your site.

Using this software, you do not have to manage knowledge about HTML, this tool is going to help you to write the code of your site from nothing. In this way, you do not have to worry about the code, the structure, and all that stuff, you can keep your attention more in your content.

But besides the CMS is excellent software, but there is not only one CMS software. For this reason, to choose the proper CMS could be complicated because you have to choose the software that adjusts to your needs and purpose of your site. In this way, we are going to tell you which are the 5 best CMS you can use.


WordPress is one of the most popular CMS, initially WordPress born as a system to the creation of blogs. The community of WordPress is very big, this software provides you a varied selection of widgets, themes, and plugins.

WordPress is software very easy to install. If your site has a structure simple and little, this software is the perfect option for you. When you are starting on the blogging world and you still are learning how it works, the best option is this software because the interface is very intuited.

The bad aspect of this software is that to use all the CMS functions, you have to upload additional extensions. Download these extensions could be risky because these updates have weak security and you could be a target of hackers.


Joomla! It is one of the leaders in the market, although Joomla! is software more complex than WordPress, it has all the CMS functions, but with none necessity of download and install extensions. But these extensions are the basics, for advanced extensions and functions you have to pay too much money. The other con related to the extensions is that if you are an amateur creator, you must to read a manual to implement it.


This software born as a solution to the student community, but quickly grows like a tool to all public. The drupal framework has available so many preconfigured options for different scenarios. If you are an expert web creator and you always want more options, there are more modules you can install. The bad side is that to acquire the uploads, you must to installed via FTP manually.


This software is very popular between the portals of the corporation and the platforms to commerce. The TYPO3 is very versatile and is a CMS of open source, unfortunately, the experts point out that to use TYPO3, it is required special capacitation for a long time and enormous effort from the administration.

The functions that TYPO3 offers to the web creator have a big spectrum, in this way the creators can use this tool for almost every online project. If you are an experimented specialist and your projects are complex, TYPO3 is the best tool to have success online.


The CMS provided by Contao is user-friendly, intuitive software with a multilingual backend, and it has a big gamma of extensions that overcome the 2.000. For the good of the creators, Contao offers a manager of an integrated theme.

With this manager, you can configure the design of your site with the stock pre-design modules. On the other hand, you as an owner of your website can have access to professional themes, but for a large sum of money. This software is very secure, so much that the LTS version offers you 4 years of guarantee. No matter the size of the website the flexible CTM is the right choice.

Now you have the best 5 CMS that exist, you are capable of choosing the perfect CMS adapted to the necessities of your website. Be a creator of web content is not easy, but if you use the right tool, the success of your website is guaranteed.

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