Is there an easy way to start a website?

To answer the question bluntly, yes there is. We ofcourse all remember the time when this was considered a menial and timely task, involving a lot of money, time, complex programming solutions and probably a good amount of nerves. Nowadays, when we enter an internet page, it is mostly a pleasing visual and sensory experience, with colors complementing eachother, page menus are generally quite sensibly located, the whole thing runs smoothly and it looks like a proper work of art. You might think someone put some decent time and effort into the whole thing, and should consider quitting their day job and just make gorgeous web pages for a living.

The more real option is that someone is just very good at using one of the tools that make building a web page quite simple, you do however need some time and skill, and most of all, practice. There are several web pages that offer different things, from just hosting your own blog, to making your own page about your business, to starting a web shop or building a landing page for your business.

To start you off simple, let’s see what would be your weapon of choice, if you just need a one-page website. The preffered option for many users is Carrd. It is specialised in creating one-page wonders, provides you with themes that are designed to be one-page and their whole interface is one-page oriented. If this is what you’re looking for, and need nothing more, you’re at the right place. And, bonus points, because they’re so focused, their price is significantly lower than other providers’.

If you’re ready for the next step, building an actual site, with a few subsites, but are still a little bit tech-shy, weebly could be a nice solution for you. Everything is structured, simple and straightforward. But don’t let the simplicity of use deceive you. It might be easy to use, but it is not simple. The system working in the background is sophisticated and it prides with having one of the best membership systems. It gives you all the freedom you need to add new features, like language translations and paid memberships. There are around 70 themese available, and can be customised. Definitely worth looking at.

One of the popular ones lately is also Wix. It’s meant for the one that have a certain fondness to control everything. Wix is, unlike other web site builders, unstructured. When other builders let you drag and drop certain item anywhere on the page, no limits. This gives the user a certain freedom and with some, this can also be a problem, but all in all, people love it, especially those who don’t want any constraints in their page building. Part of this love might also have something to do with the fact that it, at the same time, provides you with a ton of options and tricks. There are more than 500 themes, loads of features, and an App Market available for even more goodies.

For those of you that wish to make your hobby into business, sell your unique designs and products, the feature you’re looking on your site is a web shop. One of the most commonly used website builders is shopify. The launches itself into the first place continiously due to their constant innovations and improvements, but keeping the simplicity and easy-to-use manner. They offer you more apps than any competitor and make sure they are always pushing the industry forward in features like Shopify Payments, Shopify POS and Shopify Augumented reality. If you want to sell, and do it well, we found your helper. There are ofcourse countless other options available on the market, there’s Format for portfolios, if you’re starting as a designer or an architect, GoDaddy if you’re in a rush and just need something quckly, Wordpress if you need and want a form based editor that diffirentiates content and design, Jimdo for something simple, but don’t be shocked if you find it a bit too simple. So, the choice is amazing. Now you just need to have a proper sit down, think about what you want and what you’re willing to pay for it and let your imagination run wild.

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