What Is VPS Hosting?

A managed server is like having a technician at your disposal to manage your VPS or Dedicated server. The administration is a very important feature for the perfect functioning of a Virtual Server (VPS) or Dedicated Server.

With a managed server, you just have to worry about indicating to the hosting company that manages what you’ll host on the server and the needs that you have at the resource level. The administrator will be responsible for configuring the server, acquire licenses, install the applications and keep the server always up and running.

Once you have your server active, the hosting company with which you have hired will provide access by email to your control panel, which is usually Plesk or cPanel. From the control panel, you should be able to manage all the services included in the server.

A managed server doesn’t mean that everything is done to you from the technical support, but there are tasks that the client necessarily does, such as; creating accommodation / hosting, setting up hosting features, databases, sub-domains, domain aliases, view statistics of visits to websites and manage published on websites files, manage files, create and manage subscriptions / hosting, create, modify or delete mail accounts, create, modify or delete applications, manage user roles and accounts and other management.

When hiring a server VPS or Dedicated server, it is advisable to inform yourself that it includes the service, regardless of the initial configuration and updates. Here we detail the services and features that a managed server should include:

Technical Support

The technical service is probably the most important department of any third-party hosting company. A good hosting technical support must be professional, quality, fast and resolutive. Your provider must offer; telephone support (preferably 24/7) and by e-mail through a system by tickets, which must be managed by professional technicians and with experience in online support.

A normal response period for a query (ticket) must be a maximum of 24 hours, if they’re of low priority, of 12 hours if they’re of medium priority and of 1 hour or less in high priority. Having tools that help to offer remote support type TeamViewer is a plus. This type of tools helps with tasks that we want to have configured in local teams, technical support with this feature is a sign of having a structure and professional support.

If your provider has a help chat, much better since it will allow you to solve small day-to-day tasks, assuming significant time savings.

There are hosting companies that offer premium support services, which are very interesting in case you have little time to manage your server. This type of services allows the hosting company to take care of everything your machine needs and to solve your needs. The normal thing is to hire packs of hours and request a budget for the hours that are dedicated to the special administration needs of your server and that does not cover a basic managed support.

Server Location

The physical location of the server is a very important factor. In general, if the server is located in our country, the response time will be shorter than that of a server located in another country since the requests of the users will arrive more quickly and the server will respond before.

Migration and Backups

Always check before the characteristics of the accommodation of origin to have good planning of the migration and its difficulty. It is important to know what the technical support that we contract with our managed server covers, whether it includes migration or not, since migrating the content you have hosted in another hosting or server is usually a feature highly valued by saving time and money what it supposes

The help in configurations and in the administration of Backups are also outstanding features when it comes to taking over the administration of our machine

Security and Monitoring Systems

These systems allow rapid diagnosis and resolution of hardware and software problems as well as their configuration and maintenance. Having these two services included in the administration is key.


It is important to correctly configure the server’s mail service since it is a critical service. Currently, there are powerful email solutions that are applied at the server level and are a good solution to ensure that both our incoming and outgoing mail does not have incidents at the spam level. If the managed service of your hosting includes the migration and/or configuration of your mail, better than better.


Delegate DNS management is common when a managed service is contracted since properly configuring and in time the DNS of services has a direct impact with the availability of your website, applications, mail, etc. … and this is better than technical qualified

Other highly valued and usual technical procedures are:

The connectivity; Internet connectivity has to be redundant with multiple carriers of first quality level and a guaranteed minimum bandwidth of 100Mbps and with the possibility of expansion.

Extensions of our server; It is very important and we rarely take it into account but expanding on “hot” and without interruptions in our service is a guarantee to grow without having to migrate all the content to another server. By way of summary, we can say that a managed server will take away many headaches at the technical level but above all, it will mean a significant saving of time and money.

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