Collocation vs Dedicated Server

We refer to hosting placement or also known as colocation hosting, which despite not being very popular, is still an excellent option that you must take into account to sustain your project.

What is a Colocation Hosting?

They are called private dedicated servers or network equipment that for various reasons are transferred to the data center of a third party. This means that when the owner of a server-type team decides to rent a physical space in the warehouses of a large company; Many times this decision is due to security, privacy or better supervision of the team.

This type of Data Center is a viable option for many entrepreneurs; this is due to the fact that they have super-equipped and specialized facilities for the sustenance of hosting. And sometimes, customers despite having the resources and trained staff to manage the server; they don’t have the optimal conditions for their sustainability, there are electrical drops that put the service at risk or don’t have the necessary security standards to protect the information in them.

What Advantages Does The Colocation Hosting Service Offer?

If you are thinking that the only advantage of renting this service is having your hardware better protected, then you are wrong. Since the advantages of transferring your equipment to the facilities of a professional company are many more. And for that reason, then we will go further in the details.

Greater bandwidth. – If you decide to rent a space within a company dedicated to the management of Data Center, then you’ll have the assurance that your server will have at your disposal a much greater bandwidth; In addition, the stability with which it will offer the service is much more reliable than with a local provider.

Improves the response time. – By having a better bandwidth, the response time for your server is much lower and therefore you’ll offer a service with more quality.

IP Address. – This service type also has the obligation to provide your own IP address to provide access via Internet.

Cooling system.- This type of company offers first level facilities and therefore they give you access to tools that facilitate the cooling of your equipment. Which is essential for the performance of your server.

Everything is still under your control. – even if your team is physically in other facilities; no one else will have access to the management and maintenance of your server.

Costs Reduction. – For many small companies, having to delegate the responsibility of the server. Therefore, logistics expenses will be reduced and you will only have to cover the cost of renting a space with the company that will take charge of your server.

If you are planning to grow your business online, it is important for you to get the best service in order to be successful. Many companies are using hosting services for their websites and maintenance services. If you are thinking of the same solution for your online business, then you should be wandering about what is involved. Generally, this hosting service is offered by the main data centers and web hosting companies that allow you to place your servers and IT hardware in a safe place. There are many benefits offered by placement service compared to own accommodation. Even though if you have your own IT infrastructure you should have an account for slow network performance, a higher operating cost and poor ability to expand capacity. To overcome these situations, it is highly recommended to look for this type of services.

Colocation hosting services are one of the affordable solutions you can get for your online business. When you hire these facilities, you get the reliability of the network and you’ll find that your business is much less restricted in the types of hardware. This type of data center facilities that greater connectivity, flexibility, and security that your servers will remain as reliable as they always allow. Many business owners get confused when it comes to dedicated hosting and colocation services. Dedicated servers give you the freedom to lease or own the entire server, while, placement is the process that involves locating the servers in the third-party data center in order to provide a more secure and managed infrastructure. Placement offers your company the flexibility to plant growth, to incorporate mirroring, load balancing and other options that are not available leased. A dedicated server is an arrangement where you rent a server from a web hosting company. Like placement, you usually get a connection, the physical security of the Internet and all the security devices that come along with the provider’s data center.

Many customers prefer dedicated servers over colocation hosting services for a variety of reasons, including cost and security. There is no doubt that the placement is a great option since the facilities usually have access to very fast, robust and reliable Internet connections that wouldn’t be accessible from their own office. For companies that care about things like less office space, risk and compliance, this added control could actually be an advantage. Since you own the server, its maintenance is your responsibility. Depending on what your web needs are, dedicated servers make updates easy. You can increase the memory or disk space at any time without any inconvenience. It helps improve performance. Since you are not sharing your resources with other websites, you can optimize the performance of yours. Depending on the need of your company, you can select dedicated or in a Colocation hosting service. All you need to do is contact a reliable company to find the right package. Before making a final decision, always check the right placement prices for your business needs.

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