Is Free Hosting Really Free?

Usually, when we see that something is free, we jump off the emotion and decided to try it immediately. In the world of technology, it is not different, but is it really worth it?

Many times we think about saving money by not paying for services that we need for the simple fact that there is a free version that I will be able to use, so, why am I going to spend money? Well, today we are going to find out if a really free hosting service is really free.

Before we start talking about the pro and cons of free hosting, we should know, what is free hosting? Then we say that the free hosting is just a space on the web that will behave as a server which has the possibility to store all the information located in all parts of the world making it available for all types of users or customers, usually this service is usually payment, but thanks to the advance of technology we can find that the service can also be free but, with some limitations.

In this type of pages, the server is not responsible for managing your website, the customer takes the leading role and becomes responsible for creating, installing and maintaining some files and applications, the only thing that this type of file gives is the ability to Storage in one space and few tools for editing use.

Investigating a little about the facts, we should know that not everything is bad, wow! A service such as hosting being free is a wonder, especially because you have all these functions and tools for absolutely no money, but there is something very true in this world: You really get what you pay for.

When the hosting service is free, it is a service that lacks perhaps too many tools, which at the beginning, you can notice the absence, until the time comes to need them. The broadband of free hosting is very limited, as well as some functions that may have. In most free hosting, there is no live chat with advice on how to handle the service. Really worth it?

Companies from previous times have tried to promote free services to their customers and users, thus generating that they themselves think about how they will recover that lost money. So taking this into account, we must think that the point of generating something relatively free, must have its Ace up its sleeve. And it’s simple to think the trick since companies are interested in having their customers buy premium services, since using the free service has left them wanting to buy the expensive service.

One of the methods in which companies attract these users are simply using a trial period that can guarantee that this person will pay for the service.

Another problem that we can find in this new world of free hosting, are the sudden announcements, which is only a way to recover the money spent.

Hosting services are so important and the free service works, but it has many limitations such as the broadband of your page, or the number of pages for your website. Another big problem is if your page reaches a large number of downloads, then some sites can simply ignore those downloads and inactivate the website.

It is quite common that in the system only accept even files of the HTML and CSS type, leaving out the possibility of uploading images, or audios, leaving the user to download it since it becomes complicated to leave different files in other localities

What is the difference between a paid service and free hosting?

Usually, when taking risks and giving a little money for a service, it puts us in a much simpler situation, since the service we have accessed thanks to the fact that we pay a certain amount of money, allows the tools or elements to do a much better job. , and at the same time, the customer’s time is protected and can be used for other things instead of worrying about the management of your website. With shared web hosting there are usually few limitations and at the same time it comes with many benefits. When paying for a hosting service you will be able to have your own domain, also a professional email and the website for all clients and/or users will have a great dynamic multimedia content, apart from that you can present a private chat where The client can have advice on their website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why create a Free Hosting service would not generate losses?

To answer this question, we must know that although generating a free service generates losses, companies will not risk losing unless they have a kind of profit in it, perhaps due to other factors that intervene in free hosting.

A key example is that free hosting helps them generate a marketing job since it generates that many users register in the site and know little by little how is the product that a company offers. Most times a test time is offered that is free, but when it is finished, the user is asked to pay for the full service to obtain even a domain of their own. It is a tactic of the business world that is based on generating economic plans that the user can or think about acquiring, these types of plans are suitable for small companies that often have no idea how to start promoting the website.

Many times, the services are offered simply to get a test of how you can work and what limitations a program, application or service can get. Then the user becomes a test tool in all this time in exchange for a free service. Understanding this professional lifestyle, you can get to know how a company behaves when it offers a free web hosting service. And knowing how this service style works leaves you with a clear vision of whether it is what you are really looking for or is what you want to start with for the first time to manage your company.

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