What Are Uptime and Downtime in Web Hosting?

When we are planning or executing web pages for companies, we must take into account many factors that may not seem important at some point. We always decide to only lend to the security that a web hosting can provide, but we must also be interested in the time of activity and inactivity that guarantees or not the web hosting where your website will be developed or carried out. But to know how to work with it and what to look for, we must mainly know, what is a time of activity or and inactivity? And what does it have to do with web hosting?

The time of activity or uptime in the web hosting is not more than the amount of time in which a server has been working and usually interpreted thanks to a percentage. Because of this, we can verify how good the operation of a web hosting provider can be, concluding that if a web hosting has a high level or percentage of uptime, that web hosting is working and running its servers. We must take into account that for any web page, it is important the time of activity of the same to know the level of operation that it has.

Then we can say that the downtime is not more than that period of time when a server hosted in a web hosting is not available or is not connected. Taking into account the duration of the interruption when a problem is found on the website, returning the website without availability or connection. If a site is disconnected or inactive for a long time, it usually has the possibility of losing the classification is obtained in the time it was active, the percentage classification, along with other potential characteristics for it to be chosen quickly by users on the internet.

This classification between the time of activity and inactivity of a web hosting has no way of verifying itself independently, so the person in charge of managing the website when talking about the time of activity of a page must keep his word. For example, if a page says that its activity time is 99.9%, it should be taken into account that its inactivity time is that remaining 00.1%, which must be considered in so many minutes per day of inactivity.

The higher the long operating time, the higher the high performance of the site.

Do you usually find problems with the classification?

Usually, the time of activity when it’s defined with a percentage of the time, directly influences the downtime of the web page in the web hosting. Taking the previous example, if a page has an activation time of 99%, leaving out 1% of downtime, it would be summarized that daily, that website will have an idle time of 1 minute, if we round this time in a week, the downtime would be 1 hour, and if we round the percentage of downtime to a month or a year, what would be the result? Approximately four (4) days of downtime.

When viewing it in this way, it does not seem to be much time, but within the web hosting, within a web page that works exclusively with users, in sales and other services, the average annual downtime of a page, can mean a decrease or high loss.

This is talking about the time lost in percentage, but taking into account the profits and losses of a company we can say that a server earns some annual profit thanks to the website, then thanks to the downtime of the page, it would also produce a loss in the company, depending on the percentage of activity time and inactivity that you have. Plus, we know that a reliable web page is one whose users return to it. Those users who did not have a comfortable experience when they entered, will not return to the site, generating losses in it.

Why should activity time and inactivity be taken into account?

When we are choosing the perfect web hosting for your website, the person should verify what is the guarantee of time that web hosting can offer, looking for the perfect web hosting has a guarantee of more than 99%.

At the same time, we must know that the web hosting guarantee on your website does not include certain factors that may possibly occur:

– Unscheduled interruptions, such as when the web hosting has internal problems, and they need to update the server to guarantee 72 hours of downtime on your web page. In this case, the web hosting should inform you that it is going to carry out such an update and the time it should take, which should not be more than 4 hours, without thinking about the sum of more internal problems.

-Reimbursement of the cost of hosting your web page in the web hosting, the web hosting must ensure that the monetary loss during downtime is reimbursed to the owner of the website since these are internal problems of the web hosting.

-If you report the interruption of the service, the guarantee of a suitable web hosting must comply with the report of the interruption of the service in a period of time and as part of what is spoken, the monetary reimbursement for the time of inactivity. There are services that do not guarantee the information of this interruption, and that only reimburse the money of the time that happened since the person in charge of the page noticed the interruption and not since it began. Taking into account the guarantee that a web hosting can offer you, you are responsible for supervising the service that the page guarantee offers and the time of activity of the website to know the performance of it, because it is really important that you know when your Website falls so that the response time is minimal. For this, many companies have a level of monitoring it, making it easy to it to know where is the problem and it’s easy for it to correct it quickly

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