What Is a Data Center?

To know about a movement that is taking place from time to time, the Hosting, we must know everything that is directly related to it. Today we will begin explaining an important part of the Hosting, like the Data Center (CDP).

What is the Data Center?

Well, the Data Center is just a place where all the necessary resources are stored so that information from an organization can be processed, those resources consist mainly of conditioned dependencies, communications networks, and computers.

Then we can say that  space, where all the necessary equipment is stored to keep these resources protected, can be a building or just a room, where within that space we can find all computer and electronic equipment. This type of rooms, buildings or places is usually maintained by sources such as organizations that need to safeguard information that may be necessary for future operations or sales and rental spaces.

Why is it important to have a CDP or Data Center?

Having a CDP can guarantee a continuity of service to customers, employees, citizens, suppliers and companies that have collaborated with the data storage service, this guarantees that there is physical protection of the computer equipment or communications that have been involved , and thus be able to guarantee security over database servers that may contain information of vital importance to the entity.

So, you can think that having a Data Center should be simple, but if we go beyond everything we know, we must take into account that everything is based on logistics. To have a Data Center, we have to take into account different factors that can directly or indirectly intervene in our product, which would be all the information stored in the computer and telecommunications equipment that will be stored in a secure place in the future, and for We must find the perfect place where all our equipment will be found.

First, we take into account the economic cost, where the cost of land, municipal taxes, insurance, among others, must be evaluated. Then we must think about what kind of infrastructure is available nearby, such as having electricity services, containing roads for easy mobilization, which has a telecommunication center nearby, that we find firemen near the Data Center.

When the geographical location is no longer the main problem, we must take into account that the best way to store our resources is finding suitable dependencies for their purpose. Newly built premises or perhaps other existing premises to buy or rent. Taking into account that the place to need must comply with certain characteristics. It must consist of a loading and unloading dock, also a structure with wide doors where a forklift can easily be used, the floors must have an adequate height where all the equipment can fit perfectly. We must also take into account the fact that the premises have security measures in case of fire or flood, and that there is a good level of refrigeration of computer equipment with the help of air conditioners, and must have many warehouses that can be used.

How can we classify a Data Center?

The Data Center has a classification to which we can call ANSI / TIA 942, this classification was created in 2015 by the American National Standars Institute. What is the function? Simple, it only certifies the availability of different services or components presented by the buildings where the computer equipment is located, taking into account the size, redundancy levels, response time, and other variables. Thanks to this, we can classify this into four (4) levels which we will call TIER, which the higher it is, the more confidence it will produce.

TIER 1, has been formulated for small or medium enterprises. It does not have adequate control of its electrical distribution or refrigeration, so it can present faults at any time.

TIER 2, is less susceptible to interruptions or failures, has a connection to a single line of electrical distribution.

With regard to TIER 3, it serves and works for companies that provide a 24/7 service at different times, has multiple electric distribution and refrigeration lines.

And finallythe, TIER 4, focuses on companies that have great recognition worldwide, is tolerant of failures because it is connected to a variety of electrical and cooling distributions. Thanks to this, it is possible to advance in the maintenance of the equipment without disturbing the technology service.

How to be sure that your Data Center is the right one?

It’s simple. When we are thinking that we have found our suitable premises, we must evaluate in a general way the internal infrastructure of our site. The security conditions must not be taken into account. The rooms must be conditioned, alarms, temperature and humidity control with SNMP or SMTP included, and above all, must have the access facility.

What is the site?

A site is no more than an area that is conditioned to perfection to emit a low temperature of between 21 to 31 degrees Celsius that works as a service system that protects computer equipment such as computers to prevent overheating in use.

These sites usually have strict security measures in physical access, which protect the case of a fire and which must be suitable for electrical equipment. In this case, you can use nebulized or gas water (INERGEN), carbon dioxide or nitrogen, or an extinguishing system by means of gaseous agents (Novec 1230)

A level of consumption of a service, such as CDP, Consumption of the same service It is in the midst of companies that have marked an important vision in the world, stories such as the technology sector such as Facebook and Apple. Giant companies, such as it is usually called, have developed a clear vision, a clear search, a search, a search of countries, states of interest, stories like some in Europe to keep their servers low, taking advantage of what is a reduction of the energy costs in the refrigeration system in the places where the computer equipment is stored?

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